Uncrowded Waves

Grab your board and head for water, the ocean is waiting.

On The Ocean

We believe that Ocean Front Accommodations should literally mean that you are on the ocean. Not a 5 minute bus ride down a hill, or a 10 minute walk, but on the ocean. So that’s why we emphasize that we have ocean front accommodations because we are literally on the ocean. And the best thing about this ocean, it has waves! And lots of them.

Our Beach Break

As we stated, we are located on the ocean and have instant access to multiple beach breaks that start in front of the lodge and go all the way down the beach.

These beach and reef breaks are constantly working surf havens year-round. Depending on the swell, sometimes the waves are really big, other times, they’re perfect for a lazy surfing day. Either way, we’ll make sure that you always have a place to go and a wave to catch.



Up for more of a challenge? We are located only a few short miles from the famous point break, Pavones. This is the second longest left wave in the world. Be warned, the waves do get crowded there, but if you want to try and fight your way to catch that perfect long left wave, then you’re in the perfect place!

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