Costa Rica is known as a mecca of surf for a reason: in every corner of its coast, no matter the time of year, there’s a wave or ten to be found. When spring comes and the swell has dropped off in places like Hawaii and California, Costa Rica’s Pacific coast is just gearing up. In one of its most magnificent locations, on a road less traveled, March is the month to froth over.  It’s swell season and   that means big waves, little waves — waves all over.  At Casa Marea Alta, we’re here surfing them everyday with our guests.

In Southern Pacific Costa Rica, March is synonymous with swell. .

March provides waves all over the region, and many surfers journey here from all over the world just for this reason. Lucky for us we are located right on the beach break of Punta Banco so we never miss a wave!

Pavones, famous for being the second longest left break in the world, is what attracts most surfers to the area. Although  The waves here can be crowded so you have to be aggressive; if you claim your place in the lineup and paddle hard enough you’re usually lucky enough to catch a couple of nice long, everlasting lefts. After you surf until your legs give out under you, you exit the water and run (carefDSC_3772ver980ully!) back up the rocky shoreline to paddle out again.  

Thankfully, you don’t have to be aggressive in Punta Banco. The wave, although shorter, is always throwing a variety of rights and lefts. Like all beach breaks,   it tends to be a bit more mushy, but when the swell is right  it’s a wave that will stand up fast and send you down the line on an amazing ride. And when it’s March the swell is always just right.

DSC_3337ver980At Casa Marea Alta, you have the opportunity to surf both these waves. We offer surf lessons for those who want to learn how to ride these incredible warm-water waves. Sign up for one of our lessons while you’re here or come down for a Yoga & Surfing retreat.


We can’t wait to share all of these waves with you!


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